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Time is valuable... So are antique pocket watches & antique clocks... when they are working! If your precious timepieces are in need of repair, restoration, reconstruction or refinishing, come to us!

Do you have an old broken clock stored in your basement, attic, barn, garage or shed? Have you thought; I should throw it out, yet have kept it for sentimental reasons? Bring it to us and see what we can do. Here are some clocks that looked like there was no hope for them too!

Please call for availability and current pricing.
(573) 221-4002

before restoration after restoration before restoration

after restoration
This is a Waterbury kitchen clock made in the 1800's. It sold for $6.25 at that time. It was restored to the original wood except for the paper dial and a brass screw that holds the front door closed. It also keeps perfect time. At this restored condition, it is valued between $800 - $1200. Amazing! It's a miracle! Not a miracle, but some tender loving care of a very dedicated, experienced staff.

Another clock appeared to be in a hopeless condition. Look at its appearance now.

model-201 before restoration                   Model-201 after restoration

Maybe you don't have a clock that needs repair or restoration, but you want to purchase a restored antique clock. We have several of them for sale in our store. For example, this is a Model 201 Telechron. Circa 1919-1927. Originally sold for $3-$4. It can be used as a wall or mantel clock, and is solid quarter inch sawed oak. It has its original electric motor that runs perfectly and keeps excellent time. The size is 16" x 16" x 4" and is 100% original.

Here are some other restored clocks that we have available.

black bakelite clock This is a black-green Bakelite mantel clock. It has a wood cabinet with black lacquer. It has an eight day, key wound movement, and completely restored to 100% original.

This "1883" Waterbury Preston Kitchen Clock is 100% original. It has a solid walnut cabinet, a movement and the glass door that has been completely restored. It is a one day, key wound with strike movement. Runs to perfection.   ** Description of clock on the left side of the image.

The one next to it is an En Welch solid oak wood kitchen clock. Circa 1890-1910. It has an eight day, key wound with strike movement. 100% original glass and case have been completely restored. The movement has been overhauled and runs to perfection.   ** Description of clock on the right side of the image.

Kitchen clocks

Ornate Kitchen clock This solid oak wood kitchen clock is made by the New Haven Clock Company. Circa 1915-1920. It is key wound with strike and has the original glass, cabinet, and movement.

Whether you need repair or restoration work on your precious heirloom, or you are looking for a new clock, come to us. We have many varieties of clocks from new to used to choose from. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We value your business.

Please call for availability and current pricing.
(573) 221-4002

We appreciate your visit today, and look forward to serving you.