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Ralls County Clock Company is pleased to introduce our Art Deco line, ALL ORIGINAL, ALL FROM MISSOURI HARDWOODS, ALL SIGNED, DATED, AND NUMBERED!

The designs are chosen from real antiques, some are combined with others. However, they are truly original, and are in compliance with the ART DECO theme. All woods are cabinet grade, #1, air-dried timber. We use ONLY MISSOURI NATIVE HARDWOODS, such as Black Walnut, Hickory, Cherry, Oak, Hard Maple, and Ash. Each piece is hand planed to as little as 1/8" thick (normally 3/4 - 1" thick), no veneers, no plywood, no plastics are used, only true seasoned hardwoods!

SIGNED, DATED, & NUMBERED!! Each piece is truly an original, even when running a series of the same product. When completed, the art piece is signed by the craftsman, dated, and numbered for our records and yours. This information is kept permanently in our company records for future reference.

FINISHES. The finish is 100% natural.........this means that only our special brew of oils and waxes are applied. With the exception of a few models, no stains are used. The wood's natural beauty of the species and grains are allowed to "breathe", to become more pronounced as time passes.

Art Deco Clock actual size: 11x9.5x3
"Missouri Sunrise"

This art piece is truly ART DECO!! It's made of Missouri Black Walnut, Cherry, and Maple. No stains are used, but the natural grains flow to complement the design. Notice how the Cherry grain runs vertically which represents the sun's rays. The Walnut grain runs horizontally which represents the rolling hills of the Ozarks. The Maple bottom is selected for stability and for a "neutral" color.

CLOCK INSERT. This clock insert is of SOLID BRASS. It has a glass front (not plastic), and runs by a common watch battery, which is manufactured by SEIKO! The battery pulls out easily for replacement. It is the best movement that we can buy!



This clock is a combination of solid Cherry, Walnut, and hard Maple wood. It has a Seiko time movement and is naturally finished in oils & waxes. It is signed, dated, and numbered.
The Cherry main frame is perfectly round but the Walnut addition gives the illusion of "oblong & speed"!!!!!

Oblong Art Deco Clock
Actual Size: 6x7 1/4x2

Art Deco Winged Clock
Actual Size: 9 1/4"x 8"x3 1/2"
Telechron Art Deco clock

This is a Telechron Art Deco clock. Circa 1920's. It is bronze and made by the Universal Clock and Globe Corporation or Uniclok It may be used as a desk model or a floor model. Originally, it had a large globe that connected to the wing-like section and it turned once every 24 hours.

Jefferson Electric Golden Hour Clock

Mesmerize your friends with this Jefferson Electric Golden Hour clock. It's a solid brass mystery clock. How does it work when the hands seem to be mounted on a clear glass face with no obvious way of driving them? The entire glass disc slowly rotates at one revolution per hour. The glass is attached to a gear in the rim that is driven by a motor and gears in the base. Now you know the mystery. This clock has been restored with a new movement. It keeps perfect time and has the original glass. What a conversation piece this would make for your home.
Art Deco Mystery Clock
Actual Size: 8 7/8x7 7/16x4 1/2

Vintage United Motion 4 Horse Covered Wagon Clock

Does your child need a night light? This is a very nice working mantel clock. It is of all metal construction. The night light and whip are activated with a switch located by the driver's leg. It was made by United Clock Company. Circa 1935. The movement has been overhauled and restored to its original condition.

Art Deco Horse and Wagon Clock
Actual Size: 19"x9"x4"

Please call for availability and current pricing.
(573) 221-4002

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