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BNSF Railroad Clock       BNSF Railroad Clock

BNSF Railroad Clock

If you are in the need of a BNSF Railway Gallery Clock,
contact Vicki Clayman at vickiclayman@corplogoware.com
for ordering information.

BNSF Railroad Clock Red 
Notice the thickness and workmanship of the red oak case.

BNSF Railroad Clock 
Painted Dial       BNSF Railroad Clock 
alvanized steel dial

Also notice the crispness and quality of the lettering on the 20 gauge galvanized steel dial.
It will last for a lifetime!

The Seiko heavy duty movement with the wound brass coil is the absolute best money can buy.
It supports large hands and provides many years of service.

BNSF Railway Gallery Clocks make wonderful gifts!

We appreciate your visit today, and look forward to serving you.