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The cabinets for ALL hand crafted custom clocks are Missouri timber, air dried for at least 4-6 years. This old time process allows the grain of each species to be pronounced during final finishing. Commercial kiln dried wood does not allow this important feature and will not provide the strong contrast needed for a fine finish. Our hardwood stock for all custom clocks is #1 PRIME rated, CABINET GRADE, and book matched. Cabinet backs are at least one fourth inch cabinet grade birch plywood and hand laminated with matching veneer.

RALLS COUNTY CLOCK COMPANY uses only Missouri hardwoods and your choice of species is as follows: WALNUT, HICKORY, RED OAK, WHITE OAK, CHERRY, MAPLE

Each mitered or beveled joint is supported with a "biscuit" for years of service without splitting, loosening, or coming apart. Your clock cabinet will remain as tight and strong for generations as the day you bought it.
biscuit joints
Our clocks are TRUE HEIRLOOM QUALITY. Each one is numbered, dated, and signed by the owner, and registered with our company. So as the years go by, you can give us a call and we will have the history of your clock available.
Our movements are 8 day imported German solid brass with bushed mainframes and hardened steel pivots. We use exclusively HERMLE due to the high quality, availability of parts, excellent customer service, and a proven track record of high quality at a fair price. All of our movements utilize a "CALENDAR HAND" just like the old original time pieces. The date changes each night near midnight. Quite handy when you need the correct date at a glance!

The bezel and crystal convex glass are of the highest quality. Although imported from Germany as well, these items represent the highest quality available to complement your clock. The convex crystal sets off the cabinet and add to the high standards of the cabinet. A flat glass is available, but we recommend the convex. The brass bezel is hand polished and lacquered prior to installation.
Schoolhouse Clock
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All screws are solid brass as well as all hardware. The pendulum is solid wood, stained to match the cabinet, and the three inch bob is solid high gloss brass. Our detailed bottom glass may be substituted with custom ordered stain glass.
brass hing door design
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We appreciate your visit today, and look forward to serving you.