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  1. Who is Ralls County Clock Company (RCCC)?
  2. What services does RCCC provide?
  3. How do I get my watch or clock to RCCC?
  4. How often should my clock be serviced?
  5. How does RCCC charge for repair services?
  6. What if I decide the repair service is too expensive?
  7. How should I pay?
  8. How do I know that RCCC is a reputable business?
1.     Who is Ralls County Clock Company (RCCC)?

RCCC is a sole proprietorship, Missouri registered company located on a 128 acre centennial farm 13 miles west of Hannibal, Missouri. RCCC began as a hobby, building reproduction wall and mantel clocks in 1982. In 1984, RCCC ceased to exist due to the family's financial needs which weren't being met. It was back to work in the corporate world. In 1998, RCCC rose again and has prospered since that time.

Our Hannibal shop, actually located outside a very small rural village named Rensselaer, is where our custom wall and mantel clocks are manufactured. We use only Missouri hardwoods such as Cherry, Walnut, Red & White Oak, and Hickory. Each clock is handmade by the owner, oiled and waxed. We only use the best mechanical movements available. These are German Hermle movements, all eight day; solid brass bushed, and hardened brass mainframes. These clocks represent true heirloom quality. You may have your choice of convex or flat glass, with hand polished and lacquered solid brass bezels.

As of October 1, 2007, RCCC moved into a new location in downtown Hannibal, Missouri. Our showroom is located at 207 North Main Street, and we have displayed a vast variety of clocks from many manufacturers. These include but are not limited to Bulova, Howard Miller, Loricron, Ridgeway, River City Cuckoo Clocks, Seth Thomas and Schnieder Cuckoo Clocks. RCCC is an authorized service center for all of these manufacturers. We are a member of the National Association Of Watch And Clock Collectors, Inc., member #0137866.

Antique Clock and Watch Restoration is our specialty. Many customers bring their clocks and watches to us in plastic bags, boxes, and even unpacked, in many pieces! Many times, what they bring to us are remnants of fine antiques. What they get in return are completely restored, working investments!!

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2.       What service does RCCC provide?

RCCC provides complete watch and clock repair services. We also manufacture heirloom wall and mantel clocks, manufacture custom logo gallery clocks, and we are an authorized dealer for Howard Miller, Sligh, and Ridgeway grandfather clocks. RCCC provides 100% warranty on all work. We completely cover both parts and labor.
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3.       How do I get my antique clocks or watches to RCCC?

FIRST, give us a call and tell us what you are shipping. Tell us the size, and weight of the item. We can suggest the best mode of transportation, tips on packing, carrier preference, etc.

SECOND, you want to over pack so the more packing the better. Pack the bottom, sides, top, and corners with crumpled newspaper, foam "peanuts", etc. around the glass and the dials, cut strips of cardboard and stand on edge, this will prevent the box crushing the glass and bezel. The rule of thumb is: "use at least twice the size of box as the item to be shipped". Take your time.

THIRD, Ship via ground with insurance to cover the item packed. Also include a "return receipt requested" if shipped via USPS. This will provide proof that we received your article. If you do not know the value of your item to be shipped, call us, we can help you estimate the value. The insurance to ship an item is inexpensive, pennies on the dollar.
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4.       How often should my clock be serviced?

Depending on the environment and the care given, it is recommended that all mechanical driven clocks should be serviced every one to three years.
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5.       How does RCCC charge for repair services?

Without having your clock or watch in our possession, it is impossible to quote an accurate price. At this point we can only estimate. With this in mind, we charge the following:
Antique Watches: $185.00 for cleaning and oiling
Antique Clocks: $185.00 for cleaning and oiling
Cuckoo Clocks: $235.00 for cleaning and oiling

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Please Note: Prices are quoted without parts, additional labor, and taxes, if applicable. After we inspect your item, we will notify you with an accurate quote. We will not repair any item unless we have your prior approval of cost and estimated shipment date.

Our quotes are firm and accurate with no hidden charges. If we quote you a price of $375.00 to repair an antique clock, the price after completion will never be higher. This price represents all the costs including parts, labor, plus any applicable taxes and shipping the item back to you. Your cost of return shipping is our actual cost.

Example Of An Actual Repair Charge

Mrs. Jones who lives in Austin, Texas has a Seth Thomas wall clock which has stopped running. Mrs. Jones calls RCCC for an estimate, and she receives a quote of $185.00 plus return shipping. Mrs. Jones ships the clock to RCCC, we examine the clock, determine that the suspension spring has broken and the movement needs cleaning and oiling. Next, RCCC calls Mrs. Jones to advise her that the charges are as follows: $185.00 cleaning and oiling, $45.00 replacement of suspension spring. Mrs. Jones is quoted a final price of $230.00 plus $22.00 shipping and insurance. The transaction is complete for a total of $252.00. We begin work only after Mrs. Jones gives us approval.
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6.       What if I decide the repairs are too expensive?

If you determine that the timepiece is too expensive to repair, we will charge the following for disassembling and analyzing the timepiece.
Antique Watches: $150.00 plus return postage
Antique Clocks: $100.00 plus return postage

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7.       How do I pay?

RCCC accepts all major credit cards, EXCEPT for American Express. We also accept cash, bank checks, and money orders. We do not accept email transactions for credit cards. We request you call in your credit card number. We feel it is a safer transaction, and we would also enjoy talking with you. Ordering by credit card is a safe, secure and easy way to make a purchase.

Prior to working on the timepiece: When the price is quoted and agreed upon by both parties, we require 50% down and 50% payable on the day the complete project is shipped. We ship postage prepaid and insured with a return receipt requested.
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8.       How do I know that RCCC is a reputable business?

We try harder than anyone else. Are we perfect? NO.   We are members of the Hannibal Chamber of Commerce. From the parts used, to the services provided, our products are the best that money can buy.
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