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Pocket watches have always been treasured by their owners. It may have been your grandfather's Ball railroad watch, or maybe it is one you found yourself in an antique store. No matter what the history of your watch, rest assured that we can bring it back to life!

Bunn pocket watch Bunn pocket watch Bunn pocket watch
This is a "Bunn Special" model #107 men's Illinois railroad pocket watch "83941" with a 21 ruby jeweled movement and a 10K gold case. It is in perfect running condition.

Elgin Ladies pocket watch Elgin Ladies pocket watch Elgin Ladies pocket watch
This is an Elgin ladies pocket watch. The case is 14 K gold. Either of these watches could be "just the one" for your collection. We have other refurbished American pockets watches for sale at our store.

A sample listing of American Pocket Watches that we service....

· Waltham     · Howard     · Illinois     · Ball Railroad
· Elgin     · Hamilton     · Hampden     · South Bend
· New York Standard     · Rockford

Does your watch need a battery? Do you have a broken crystal? Do you need a new stem and crown? Does your watch need to be cleaned? We provide watch repair services. Bring in your watch or mail it to us, we will repair it for you. Our watch repair technician will give your time piece quality and efficient service.

Specializing in Clock Repair

Do you have a broken cuckoo clock in the closet?

Is your grandfather clock losing time?


Ansonia clock that won't chime.... a kitchen clock that needs restoration... a French morbier movement that needs attention....

Trust your treasured time piece repairs to Ralls County Clock Company. Repairs and restorations are done by Master Horologists and restoration experts. We will treat your precious antiques with tender loving care. Your fine antique mechanical movements and striking clocks will be working again to perfection so that you may enjoy them for many years to come.

Please call for availability and current pricing.
(573) 221-4002

We appreciate your visit today, and look forward to serving you.