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A.M. from MO - sent the picture (left) and this letter in appreciation of a custom gallery clock made as a graduation gift for her granddaughter: I am attaching a photo of R. M. and her Grandpa with the clock you custom made for her at her Grandmother's request. Grandpa built the garage to match the house built by his father. Good craftsmanship is highly esteemed in our family. The clock was a big hit. It is the centerpiece of her living room décor. R. M. opened the clock the night of her graduation from vet school at a gathering of family and friends. The clock will indeed be an heirloom for R. M. to pass down.

C. H. from Mansfield, IL - I thought that the store was great, the selection was great, and the knowledge about the clocks was great too. My husband and I tried to find the store a couple months ago and were disappointed when we were unsuccessful. He was reading in the Mid-Mo Trader and found an ad for the clock shop. I searched the Internet and found the Ralls County Clock Company website. I was so happy to see that they were still in Hannibal, MO at a different location.
I've visited the store a couple times since we located it again. Both times, I have had an awesome time looking at all of the beautiful clocks and visiting with the owners. They are both so personable...they make you feel like a part of the family!! I picked up a refurbished horse clock the last time I was in the store, and it is awesome! My husband loved it when I surprised him with it! He could remember it being in his parent's home, but doesn't know how they "got it!"

R. E. from Florence, AL - purchased a Howard Miller desk clock and a Seth Thomas antique black wall clock:
  It was a fun place to shop. The selection was interesting. Dave, the owner, was very knowledgeable about clocks and gave us a good deal. I liked his stories about the legend of the clocks; where they came from and so forth. He knows how to bargain and make a deal.

J. F. from Hannibal, MO - had a Bulova antique watch cleaned and oiled:
  The watch was for my grandson and belonged to his grandfather. He doesn't live in this area, but as far as I know, it is running fine. I know that he was well pleased. It took a while for the repair, but we understood. We were told what it would cost before it was repaired so there were no surprises. Everything was exactly as they had said.

J. M. from Hannibal - purchased a large Howard Miller wall clock:
  We had shopped around so we knew that the price was good. The clock was represented correctly when we were told it was a high quality clock. It had to be ordered, but we were told when it would come in and when the technician would come to set it up. It was installed on time. The technician was very delicate with it and wore gloves. At first, it didn't keep very accurate time, but after some fine tuning, it keeps exact time now.

J. C. from Hannibal, MO - had an antique cuckoo clock repaired:
  It took a while to have it repaired, but we were not in any rush. My brother sent the clock from Germany years ago. It had hung in our back room and hadn't run for a long time. It works wonderfully now. It keeps perfect time, and everyone thinks it's a beautiful clock.

T. K. from Monroe City, MO - had a Waterbury antique kitchen clock restored:
Note: This Waterbury clock is featured on our "home" page of the website
  The clock was a mess when we brought it into the shop. When I was younger, I remember it running. I didn't really pay much attention to it then. We had put it in our attic and then, moved it to the basement. We decided to get something done with it. We had no expectations on how it would look. It took a long time, but it was in pretty bad shape.
  When we went to pick it up and I saw it, I said, "Wow!" It turned out really great! We were really pleased. The owner said, "You're gonna be proud." And I think he was a little proud of how it looked too. He does a good job. It is very pretty and stays on time. We have it over on the side of our large mantel.

B. B. from Hannibal - had a Sessions black mantel clock restored:
  The clock belonged to my family, and it hadn't run for years. Our daughter told us about Ralls County Clocks. When we moved back from being out East, we took it and several others to Dave, the owner, and Doug, the technician. We are very thrilled with it. We had it in the hallway, but we moved it back into our bedroom because we wanted to hear it more.

A. L. from Walford, IA - purchased a school house clock and an outdoor cast iron clock:
  We were walking down the sidewalk of downtown Hannibal and walked into the shop. We were very pleased with the selection that he had. We felt the price was competitive, and purchased two new clocks. The owner, Dave, seemed very knowledgeable about clocks. We enjoy our new clocks.

J. H. from Hannibal, MO - had a Seth Thomas tambour clock repaired and restored:
  I found the clock in an old house that I was remodeling. I had read the article in the REC (Rural Electric Co-op) magazine about Ralls County Clock Company. **(See the article on the Links web page under "Hands Of Time"). I remodeled the first building that Dave, the owner, rented for his store.
  It was a total shock to see how different the clock looked. When I brought it in, everything was tarnished and dull. When I picked it up, everything was bright and shiny. But you could still tell it was an antique. We are extremely pleased with our clock. My daughter (3 yrs. old) likes to hear the Westminster chimes and counts the hour strikes.

A. W. from Augusta, IL - had a Waterbury key wound school house clock restored:
  We bought the clock at an auction for $50. It wasn't working when we bought it. We were down at the fall festival in Hannibal, MO, and found the Ralls County Clock shop. We knew we had this old clock that needed repair. The owner, Dave, looked at it and worked on it. It was cleaned and oiled. It is a beautiful old clock - 1868. Dave told us in some place like Chicago that it would be valued at $800 - $1200. He said it was in real good condition on the inside. It runs just fine, and it is worth more to us than we spent on it.

F. B. from Fowler, IL - had a English shelf mantel clock restored:
  I bought the clock at an auction in Benson, AZ for $175. It was made in Great Britain and has a plaque on it that reads: Russell Street and Farnsworth Street; Coronation party presented H. Bibby, June 1953. I could get it running for a while, but it would stop. I took it to another clock repair shop that had it for over a year. When I called them, I found out that they never had done anything to it.
  One morning, I was listening to KHMO 1070 AM on my radio, and I heard the radio announcer and Dave talking about handmade clocks that could be given for retirement gifts. It sounded like that guy knew about clocks. So I thought, if that guy's that good; I'll take my clock to him. Before I heard the radio broadcast, I had cut out an ad for Ralls County Clock Company from some paper and had put it in my dresser drawer. I never associated the ad with the radio program until I heard that broadcast. The owner, Dave, told me that if the clock didn't hold up, I could bring it back. He would make it right. The clock is working to a tee. I was told that it is worth $800 - $1000. We have enjoyed the chiming of the clock, and it works perfect. For the money I spent on it, it was well worth it.

T. D. from Mendon, IL - had an antique cuckoo clock repaired:
  I saw an ad in the paper or the Shopper for Ralls County Clock in Hannibal. My mother had passed away in May, and it was her mother's cuckoo clock. As soon as the grandkids were old enough, grandma's cuckoo clock was watched in waiting for the bird to appear. It wasn't a big or fancy one. One of the chains was stuck. I had some problems with the clock after it was repaired, but Doug fixed them. I had to take it back several times, but there were no extra charges. I was happy that they got it working. It hadn't worked for a long time.

G. G. from Center, MO - had a New Haven mantel clock and a cuckoo clock repaired:
  These clocks needed more adjusting that anything. The cuckoo clock's chain was entangled and needed adjusting. So far they're working OK. Once one gets used to the noise of a clock, one doesn't hear it unless it stops working. I thought the price was a little high, but we're satisfied and not complaining.

L.G. from Barry, IL - looking for a wall clock for his large room:
  I can tell he takes pride in his work, but doesn't brag about it. In five words, one can tell if one knows what one is talking about or not. I can tell that he does. The world is losing the pride in work. It is an old art, and nobody takes pride in his work. Don't try and snowball me; I know a good honest business man.

A. S. from Palmyra, MO - had an Ingraham kitchen clock restored:
  I worked in Kirksville, MO so I listened to the AM radio station, KHMO, and heard Dave on the talk radio show. I purchased a cuckoo clock for $3 at a yard sale, and took it to Ralls County Clock Company. It was in pieces, and they restored it. I love it. I took the clock to my grandma, and she is having a ball with it. I have to remember to go over everyday and pull the chains for her, but she lives close by. It is a one day clock.
  This time we brought in a kitchen clock that my wife's mother had in her basement for who knows how long. It was my wife's great grandmother's clock. It is 130 years old and was in really bad shape. We thought it was probably a lost cause. I had it restored for my wife as a Christmas present. I'm really glad we spent the money on it.
  In talking with his wife, I found out some interesting history about the clock. She said that her great grandma was a midwife, and the couple down the road had a baby. They had nothing to pay grandma; so they gave her this clock for her payment. I can remember when growing up, the clock didn't run as it does now. My dad said, "Its mother's clock just dust it, and leave it alone." It is so pretty now. It turned out great. I never thought it would look this good. My dad won't believe it looks like this. I'm not giving it back to him either; it's mine now!

W. W. T. from St. Louis, MO - purchased an indoor-outdoor clock:
  I found out about Ralls County Clock Company in an advertisement pamphlet that the Comfort Inn had and that led me down here. We have a screened-in porch. This clock is perfect for it. I am a weather buff as well, so I enjoy watching the dials. The dials are long and show the readings of the humidity in the air. It works well, and it was well priced. I can tell when rain is coming in the future by tracking the moisture. I couldn't wait to come back here and bring my wife. We will come back again.

S. H. from New London, MO - purchased a 3" x 4" key wound, one day cuckoo clock:
  I have known the owner, Dave, for years. I found his name in the phone book when my uncle had a grandfather clock that had gotten broken in a move. He fixed that clock and has repaired others too.
  I knew just where to go when my daughter said that she wanted a small wall clock that ticks. She enjoys the ticking of the clock that I have on my wall. I think this clock will be perfect for her for Christmas. She doesn't like cuckoo clocks, but this one doesn't cuckoo only ticks just as she said she wanted. It's the perfect size too. Now, she won't have to borrow mine.

R. A. D. from Shelbina, MO - had a homemade grandfather clock repaired:
  I found Ralls County Clock Company advertised in the Hannibal Masonic Bulletin. This grandfather clock was made by my son when he was in high school. It took him two years to finish it. It is made out of Koha wood from Africa. He is 48 years old now, and we are giving it back to him. He needs it in his own home. He has just remodeled his house with hardwood floors. It will look great in his home. His son knows that his father is getting it, but he doesn't; so it will be a surprise.
  As our children were growing up, we always kept it locked so that they couldn't pull the chains. One of the grand-kids jammed the clock, so we knew it was time to give it to our son. I'm glad that we went ahead and had it repaired, even though it had been ten years since it had been cleaned. It looks brand new again. I'm impressed with how nice it looks. I also brought in another "baby" to get repaired. It is a small Ansonia wall clock. The strike has a pretty sound on this clock. I love clocks!

D. K. from Monroe City, MO - brought in a Linden mantel clock for repair and two clocks that she wanted to sell:
  I saw the ad for Ralls County Clock Company in the Hannibal magazine. I thought I'm going to take my clock to him for repair. I knew that he was in the downtown area. About two weeks ago, I had talked with the owner about these two clocks that I had and might want to sell. He told me to bring them in, and he would take a look at them. He purchased the two clocks, and in the deal, he told me that he would repair my clock for free. My husband bought the Linden clock, and it sat on my mantel. I always looked at that clock to tell the time. I have missed it.

P. F. from Kirksville, MO - purchased a Schneider cuckoo clock:
  I listen to KHMO, and I heard the talk radio show with Dave. He was talking about cuckoo clocks. I purchased this cuckoo clock for my fiancé.

R. G. from Quincy, IL - purchased a Sligh grandfather clock:
  We were very satisfied with the service that we received at Ralls County Clock Company. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. The personal attention that we received was great. Our clock is working well.